One PanelPak, two wet paintings and two rubber bands. Simple. Effective.


The smallest, lightest way to protect your wet paintings.
  • Ultimate flexibility - Carry a variety of panel sizes without the bulk of traditional carrying cases.
  • Wet paintings are fully protected from contact with dirt or objects that could harm them.
  • Lightweight - we know that every ounce matters. Perfect for plein air painting.
  • Slim design slides easily into any backpack or gear bag. No sharp edges or protruding parts.
  • Strong - we're sure that you will subject them to rugged conditions.
  • Quality - We continue to refine our design and listen to your suggestions.
PanelPak wet panel carriers work by holding 2 panels face-to-face, separated at a fixed distance by a wood spacer. Paintings are supported around all four edges, much like they would be in a picture frame. When secured with our heavy-duty rubber bands, the unit is compact, fully enclosed and easy to handle.

PanelPak Corner - cross-grain wood spline reinforcement in contrasting color PanelPak Cutaway - fixed distance wood spacer between panels Wet painting + PanelPak + wet painting being assembled    PanelPak - Strapped in and ready to go

Corners are double glued and reinforced with a cross-grain wood spline in a contrasting color to provide maximum strength and a distinctive appearance. This is one of the identifying marks of an authentic PanelPak™.