Do you ship outside of the United States ?

Yes. Canada also. Please click on the "International Customers Click Here" International Products do not include blank panels. to keep shipping cost down. All use USPS only and you must pay with PayPal.

Can PanelPaks carry stretched canvases?

Yes, but with a word of caution. The wet side of Paintings in a PanelPak are held very close together. Canvas is flexible and pressure applied from the back of one canvas can cause it touch the opposite painting. This is easily avoided by overlaying back side of your stretchers with stiff panels. One hardboard cover comes with every PanelPak and can be used for this purpose. See "How thin can panels be?" below.

Do PanelPaks work with my favorite type of panel?
Yes, almost any type of panel will work including gator, foam and mat board, Masonite, hardboard, plywood and heavy cardboard. 

How thick can panels be?
Panels are held in place with rubber bands that can stretch to accommodate any thickness. Deep cradles, plywood or Innerglow panels are no problem for PanelPak.

How thin can panels be?
Panels less than 1/8" are easily accommodated in a PanelPak with the addition of a second (dry) backing panel. This helps the rubber band make contact with the panel and hold it firmly in place. It also provides additional stiffness so accidental pressure does not cause paintings to touch in the middle where they face each other. One hardboard panel comes with every PanelPak and can be used for this purpose along with another panel of your own.

What size replacement rubber bands should I order? 
Rubber Band LengthStandard Rubber Band SizeFits PanelPak Sizes       
5"1055x7 & 6x8"
6"1068x10 & 10x12"
9"10911x14 & 12x16"

Can I link to your web site?
We encourage you to do so. Please share our site with all your friends! We do ask that you spell our name correctly. It is PanelPak with 2 capital "P"s and no space. The web site should always be listed as www.PanelPak.com. PanelPak is both the name of the product and the name of the company.

Are you on facebook?
Yes, PanelPak has a page located at www.facebook.com/PanelPak